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Having a large Scottish heritage that migrated from England into Canada to Maine and other states. I am from a family of 9. Six girls and 3 boys. My dad died young when I was about 8 years old. I have 4 children and 3 step children with the great joy of 20 grandchildren. I worked in financial institutions and accounting for many years. Now I sew and make lots of stuffed animals and many other things. I'm a grandmother that has years of sewing in a wide variety of catagories. Photography has become one of my passions over the years. Nature that God has presented us is one of the greatest to photograph. My family and pets hate to see me with a camera in my hands. The bug took hold at Christmas time taking photos of my children in front of the tree. That became a tradition. Then you have family gatherings, vacations, grandchildren and the list could go on.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some Creating Going On Lately

Lately, about the only creating I have done is ACEO/ATC's. All other creating has only been in my head as beginning stages. These were made with my items and items sent with trades.

Although, we went to a antique auto show Saturday after supper. WOW...did they have some beautiful cars. I took a few photos and will post some another time.

Today, will show a few of my other creations.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beautiful Lilies in my yard

I have some of the most beautiful lilies growing in my yard. They were given to us by a gentleman that grows rows of them in his backyard and thins them out to anyone who desires them.

As yet they are to new for them to produce abundantly but each has given us at least one beautiful bloom at at time. This one was after some rain. Another is a yellow day lily.

Friday, June 5, 2009

ACEO/ATC's Mixed Media

"Peace" with lace, ric rack, button and acrylic painting.
I've been in a creative mood lately. Made some ACEO/ATC's from mixed media on vintage wall paper. Peace, Joy, Love and Grace are the titles.
"Love" with buttons, silk flower, lace and acrylic painting.
"Joy" with ric rack, silk flowers, pearls and acrylic painting.
"Grace" with lace, buttons, acrylic painting.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Shadow and a Skank Lizard

While doing my daily thing today, I thought I kept hearing a cat. I checked each window and door but didn't see either of mine wanting to come in. Then remembered the sound was when Shadow wants me to see what she has caught.

Can you see the skank lizard by her hind legs? It has a reddish head. The one my other cat had a couple of years ago was black.

I went outside as I couldn't tell what she had. Well, on closer inspection I saw a skank lizard laying next to her. Me and my camera instinct took it with me. I took several photos, then took a stick and poked at it to see if it was still alive. They are noted for playing dead. Sure enough it was still moving.

Shadow was being very protective of her catch and showing me how proud she was. I gingerly tricked her a few times trying to get its tail and throw it away. Each time a piece of its tail broke in my fingers and it fell very short of my mark. Finally, it was close enough to my azalea bushes on the back fence line so I used a stick to toss it into them.

Survive??? Don't know, but know that my cat would have just kept pestering it until it was dead. She kept looking all around wondering where it was. Poor girl.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Puzzle Challenge with 1000 pieces

Angel Kisses Puzzle

I finally got my 1000 piece Angel Kisses puzzle finished! Took me two years, but it is done. I have got 3 sealer coats on it(will probably put some more). Now, I have to wait for hubby to make the frame for it. It was some challenge. So, relieved it is together.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tiny Lizard Visitors

These tiny lizard seem to find their way into our house. I watched this one roam our family room.
It went up onto the curtains, into the remote control holder and who knows where from there. I am constantly rescuing them from our cats. They play with them until the poor little critters die or loose their tail getting away. I am told they are harmless and sometimes have generations in a house. They are kind of cute.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Visitor

"Little Visitor" is a tiny lizard I found wandering around our house earlier in the day. It went up over the fireplace front and mantle onto a window curtain topper. I tried several times to get it outdoors but is went in the opposite direction. Hubby took these pictures.

It was weird when it crawled onto my hand my hand actually had a numb feeling (very scary). It is still in the house wandering somewhere. It is just a baby as I have seen them much larger. We have no idea how they get into the house.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Puzzle Pictures

This one hangs in our bedroom. The scene is by Sandra Kuck. I have her 8 plate set of Hearts and Flowers. They are for sale as well. Trying to get money to pay for my numerous medical bills from my two hospital stays in later part of 2008.

Puzzles that have been put together and sealed make great wall hangings. I have made several, some tiny other huge.
The bear one I made for my oldest daughter that collects bears.

These kitty ones I have for sale.

I am currently working on a large one, but not doing well. It is mostly shade of white and shades of blue. I think it will take me forever to get it put together. It is of a couple of children angels and will be lovely when finished and framed. My dear husband makes the wood frames around each finished puzzle. I will put photos here of the few I have done.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Testing Territory

Yesterday, I think our two cats were testing territory. They both came to us as older feral kittens over three years ago. Both have very different personalities. One is black and the other is calico. We were warned that calico cats are very independent and like to be the only cat around. She escorts any other cat from the property no matter how big in comparison to her size. I am always taking photos of them. So, when I couldn't find them in their usual spots I went looking for them.
Black Beauty had taken Shadows spot on the stereo cabinet and Shadow was on top of our kitchen cabinets. It is a big leap to both spots and it always amazes my husband when he sees them jump to either spot.
Shadow will take the next leap and go on top of our china closets which is even higher. Thankfully, the cabinets are so heavy she can't tip them over. See her snoozing on top of the cabinet! Actually, she is watching me through tiny slitted eyes.

They both keep their feral ways except they want and expect their food and water. Except on cold days they are out more than in. Neither one likes to be picked up. Shadow tolerates me for about thirty seconds, but not Black Beauty. We have become their staff letting them in and out!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow in Belville, NC January 20, 2009

Our first snow since moving to North Carolina! Didn't get much but amazing to see snow here. One minute it is raining few minutes temperatures dropped and snow.