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Having a large Scottish heritage that migrated from England into Canada to Maine and other states. I am from a family of 9. Six girls and 3 boys. My dad died young when I was about 8 years old. I have 4 children and 3 step children with the great joy of 20 grandchildren. I worked in financial institutions and accounting for many years. Now I sew and make lots of stuffed animals and many other things. I'm a grandmother that has years of sewing in a wide variety of catagories. Photography has become one of my passions over the years. Nature that God has presented us is one of the greatest to photograph. My family and pets hate to see me with a camera in my hands. The bug took hold at Christmas time taking photos of my children in front of the tree. That became a tradition. Then you have family gatherings, vacations, grandchildren and the list could go on.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tiny Lizard Visitors

These tiny lizard seem to find their way into our house. I watched this one roam our family room.
It went up onto the curtains, into the remote control holder and who knows where from there. I am constantly rescuing them from our cats. They play with them until the poor little critters die or loose their tail getting away. I am told they are harmless and sometimes have generations in a house. They are kind of cute.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Visitor

"Little Visitor" is a tiny lizard I found wandering around our house earlier in the day. It went up over the fireplace front and mantle onto a window curtain topper. I tried several times to get it outdoors but is went in the opposite direction. Hubby took these pictures.

It was weird when it crawled onto my hand my hand actually had a numb feeling (very scary). It is still in the house wandering somewhere. It is just a baby as I have seen them much larger. We have no idea how they get into the house.